Schpin (BETA)

Schpin is an open-source project of software for the control of legged robots.


The software is implemented as a set of ROS packages that allow you control of your legged robot. As a sub-project, we are developing a open-sourced robot used for the development.

If you can build your/our robot and install ROS on raspberry, you should be able to use this project.

We provide two major software components required for legged robots:


A combination of ROS node and firmware for an embedded chip that allows you control of the hardware. This does not use a typical ROS setup. It is a rather quite specific software stack.

We use Lua as an interface for the controller. You write simple scripts with actions that the robot should do. This interface allows you to execute simple commands like joint control or complex commands using inverse kinematics.

motion planner
The project also provides an experimental motion planner for the movements of the robot. This should make it possible for the robot to figure out limb movements in complex environments and move where you want.

All information about the project is stored on this website, except for the source code that is stored here:

main repository
This contains ROS packages with the software itself.
robot repository
This contains ROS packages for specific robots, which contains their description and data files.


You can contact as either on IRC channel or by an email to maintainer